You are too alert to sleep any longer


ABSTRACT After living an experience of esoteric nature (the ability to speak an unknown language miraculously) in the text-based video game MUD1, I made a video-gameplay in which I try to "win the game" having rethought the established game structure. Throughout this game, I reflect on how and why the mystical and the spiritual become visible on the Internet and other digital spaces.

swamp painting aldo

swamp empty aldo urbano swamp viper aldo urbano
swamp drizzle aldo urbano
swamp rock aldo urbano swamp paintings aldo urbano
swamp door aldo urbano
swamp mural aldo urbano
you are too alert to sleep any longer hand
you are too alert to sleep any longer daniel moreno roldan

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Text by Víctor Balcells (esp)


with Aldo Urbano
The Roommates, London. 2017

Photography: Jordi Barreras